Janae and Joy have been friends for the past 9 years. Janae was Joy's hair stylist and over the hours spent foiling highlights and chopping hair, a friendship was forged. Joy & Janae share a love for Jesus, people, their families, coffee, vintage everything, Arizona sunshine and of course, essential oils. 

Joy is a wife of 10 years and mama to three littles -- 2 girls and a baby boy.

Janae is a wife of 9 years, and a proud mama of two rowdy boys. 

An essential oil user and lover for a little over a year, Joy noticed a need for well designed labels to keep track of her oils and homemade concoctions around the house and was tired of sloppy, slapped on solutions. She and Janae teamed up to start The Drip Drop Shop to provide oil users with practical and beautiful labels to assist and inspire you. 

Essential oils are a staple in each of our homes and we're hoping our products encourage people to make the most of their oils. Use them to beautify and identify your own custom blends, to make great looking gifts to share, and as a teaching tool at your next essential oil class.