If you're stopping by looking for labels for your essential oil products, you're in the right place. But we wanted to interrupt you hunt for a moment to introduce you to some important women. 


You'll never know their "real" names. (We change them for their protection). We'll never post the country the live in. (But we'll tell you in person if you meet us and want to know). 

We call them affectionately, collectively -- SHAMA women. 

Shama. It means candle in their language. Light. Fire. Burning Brightly in the darkest night. 

The live as a persecuted minority in an oppressive culture that brutally mistreats women and religious minorities -- both of which they are. They are Christians living in a dangerous land, but they have been given a chance to shine. 

It's our joy to partner with them by sharing their stories and in raising support to fund their monthly tuition the the SHAMA Vocational Center where they receive training in sewing and cosmetology as well training in Biblical studies and Christian leadership. Check out our SHAMA page for more information on how to get involved and give directly. 


Introducing Joy and Janae

Janae and Joy

Hi There! Thank you so much for stopping buy The Drip Drop Shop -- your one stop shop for beautiful labels for your essential oil products! 

We are Janae (left) and Joy (right). Friends for almost 9 years, we share a love for Jesus, people, coffee, vintage finds, essential oils and of course pretty labels! 

Janae is a wife of 9 years and mama to 2 rowdy, adorable boys -- Aiden and Everett. Janae and her hubs own a print shop and publish a local magazine. 

Joy is a wife of nearly 11 years and mama to Hadley, Hayden, and Jude. Her background is in education and intercultural studies.

Together we teamed up to start The Drip Drop Shop after falling in love w essential oils but hating the sloppy slapped on label solutions we were using for our homemade blends and gifts. We have SO many ideas and designs to share with you as we develop more products! 

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