How do I remove my old essential oil labels?

Peel off as much of the existing label as possible. Steep bottles in hot water for several minutes to further loosen the old adhesive. Rub with lemon essential oil to remove any residual adhesive and labels. Wash thoroughly or wipe with rubbing alcohol to ensure that no essential oil or adhesive remains on the outside of the bottle.

What is the best way to care for my labels and Roller Kits to ensure that they last?

Our labels are printed on a moisture and tear resistant polyester and are then coated to ensure the print and design won't be affected by your high quality oils. However, the less contact with carrier and essential oils the better. Use caution when pouring into your bottles. Small stainless steel or glass funnels are helpful tools. Make sure your bottle is completely clean of any reside from old adhesives and labels before applying. Press firmly on all edges for to ensure the best seal. 

For Pre Assembled Roller Kits:

1. Once your bottle is filled with the desired blend, place the roller top on the bottle opening and press down firmly. Avoid pressing directly down on the ball itself. 

2. Due to the nature of roller bottles being mass produced, there will be some unavoidable variation in the size of plastic surrounding the roller ball.  If the ball is too tight, gently rotate the ball with your finger until it is sufficiently lubricated with your blend and moves freely. 

3. Roller bottles work best when used with a concentration of no greater than 50%. In our testing to date we have found that carrier oils with lower comodogenic ratings are more compatible with our roller bottles than those with higher ratings such as fractionated coconut oil. Using fractionated coconut oil may cause the ball to loosen and dislodge with use. 

4. To prevent leaking and spilling, always store and transport your roller blends in an upright position. The Drip Drop Shop cannot be responsible for damage or loss caused by leaks. Extra roller tops are available for purchase should you need to replace yours over time. 


What kind of oils do you use? 

Janae and Joy both had enrolled with different essential oil companies before we teamed up to start The Drip Drop Shop so you would find a little mix if you were to sneak a peek in our cabinets at home! We know amazing women who use and promote different companies -- sisters and friends who are high ranking in with both Doterra and Young Living, sweet gals who are trying out Ameo, and some who are using Plant Therapy.  Our goal with the Drip Drop Shop is not to enter the great essential oil debate, but to be a fun resource everyone can enjoy. If you don't have essential oils yet and are looking for some direction -- do your research, investigate each companies growing, partnerships, testing, and quality control practices, ask your friends who use essential oils what they recommend, and enroll with an individual you trust to teach you well how to get started! 

Are the label patterns shown on your site the only label options you have available?

We will be adding new designs to the shop regularly. Check back soon for our upcoming new release!

I am new to using oils and don't have a lot of my own recipes yet.  Where can I find recipes? 

If you enrolled with a major essential oil company, our first recommendation would be to check with your friend or family member who got you started and invest in a good essential oil reference book.  We've found countless great recipes and tips on Pinterest and Instagram as well. Follow us on Pinterest and Insta @the_dripdrop_shop to see what ideas we love! 

Can I order custom labels?

Yes! We are able to do custom labels for a design fee + minimum order of 100 sheets. Please email us for details. 


I placed an order and am wondering how quickly it will ship?

Orders are shipped on weekdays within 72 hours of you placing your order. We do not ship on weekends.

Will I receive printed recipes on my new recipe cards?

We do not provide recipes on our recipe cards. Due to the fact that there are many different essential oil companies out there, we have tried to create products that can be used by everyone and not just the users of one specific essential oil company.  Because of that we do not provide recipes on our recipe cards. They are simply for the use of writing down the recipe that best suits you when you make your blends.  We've also found at make and take parties that we've hosted that everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to the recipes they use in their blends. So in order to make our products and recipe cards user friendly, we have decided to not publish recipes on the cards. With that said, be sure to follow us on social media as we do try to post recipes that correspond with our labels and are also non-essienal oil company specific from time to time and you might be able to find those helpful.  We typically get our recipes from reading the different essential oil handbooks.