Shama Women


Both of us have full, busy lives. We are both mamas and run small businesses with our husbands. The Drip Drop Shop was born as a fun side project with the hopes that we would be able to use a portion of the money generated for a Grander Purpose. 

The women you see in the photos above live in a country where members of their Christian community are a persecuted minority. Not only that, but it is the cultural norm for women to be mistreated, abused, bought and sold, and even to be the victims of honor killings. Opportunities for their education and social elevation are scarce. However amidst these circumstances, there is hope.

Allow us to introduce you to "Ara."  She has been given the opportunity to attend the Shama Vocational Training Center where she receives training in sewing, cosmetology, Bible training, as well as training in Christian leadership. Recently, Ara received a sewing machine from the Shama Center which has allowed her to support her aging parents and earn enough money to finance the weddings of her two sisters. This kind of independence and sufficiency for a woman in this area of the world is truly remarkable.

Shama is changing lives. 

The cost of monthly tuition for these women to attend the Shama Vocational Training Center is $40. We are thrilled to donate a portion of our profits to support these women so that by one, they will be empowered by grace, knowledge, and skill despite the brutalities that surround their lives. 

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