Color Block Baby Kit

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Color Block Baby Kit

from 3.50

Our brand new Color Block Baby Kit is going to be every new Oily Mama's Diaper Bag staple! A perfect baby shower gift, this kit provides new moms-to-be with all the necessary blends to support Mama and Baby wellness. 

Conveniently packed in a store and go tin, our new Color Block Baby Kit features a set of 6 pre-labled 10 mL roller bottles with stainless steel balls, 10 coordinating recipe cards, and now includes three BONUS spray bottle labels.

(Spray bottles sold separately). 

Label Names include: 

Well Baby (Immune Support)

Baby Blues (Mood Support for Mama)

Chompers (Teething Tamer)

Boost (versatile name for milk production support or for energy boost)

Baby Belly (Digestive Support)

Lullaby (Rest Support)

BONUS Spray / Glass Bottle Label names include:

Cheeky (No one likes a stinky bum!)

Bump (For labor support or post baby stretch mark blend)

Clean (Keep those germs away from new baby!)

Color Block Baby Label Set ($10):

Already have your own roller bottles? Great! 

Our Roller Bottle labels are perfect for using on your recycled/reused roller bottles. This set includes: 

  • 1 peel and stick set of 9 roller bottle labels 

  • Label names included are listed above. 

RECIPE CARDS: Set of 10 ($3.50)

Our beautifully coordinated recipe cards make it easy to record and share your favorite blend recipes, or write a quick note to include with a gift or team incentive! 


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